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Epstein - Experimental Allergy Laboratory

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Experimental Allergy Laboratory


The experimental allergy laboratory focuses on the elucidation of the basic mechanisms underlying the initiation and perpetuation of allergic disease. We use experimental models of allergy such as allergic asthma, food allergy and response to foreign materials to address disease susceptibility, the factors governing disease severity, chronicity and predictability of allergenicity and for drug discovery.

In vitro allergenicity evaluation of edible insect proteins

Edible insects are a new source of sustainable proteins for feed and food. However, it is not entirely clear whether insects are allergenic. This project will focus on identifying the potential allergenicity of proteins for different species of insects that will be marketed for feed and food in the future. The student will work with one insect species (e.g., mealworm, black soldier fly, cricket, grasshopper) at different life stages and pre- and post-processing. The experimental approach includes protein extraction, SDS page, and western blotting. The project will take approximately 12 months.