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Elbe-Bürger - Cellular and Molecular Immunobiology of the Skin

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The research group "Cellular and Molecular Immunobiology of the Skin" is focussed on understanding the complex physiology of the human and mouse skin immune system, including precise investigations on the origin, relationship and function of skin leukocytes in health and disease. One central emphasis is on unravelling the intricacies of the prenatal human skin immune system as well as shedding light on its formation and functionality. In addition, the establishment of innovative primary human ex vivo skin models has driven applied research on the so far largely unknown effects of widely used active ingredients for wound care as well as on studies regarding the treatment or inhibition of infections with clinically highly relevant skin pathogens. In this context, the researchers utilise state-of-the-art methodologies in cellular and molecular biology as well as cutting-edge technologies such as single-cell RNA sequencing techniques and proteomics approaches.