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(external research modules: Markus Schosserer at Center for Pathobiology and Genetics and Martina Marchetti-Deschmann at TU Wien)

1) Metabolism of senescent cells in the skin

In this project we investigate adaptations in lipid- and sugar metabolism during the cellular senescence process in situ. We apply tissuecytometry to study the metabolic configuration at single cell level as in (PMID 32713735)  and correlate the activity with molecular markers of damage, senescence or differentiation. 

From Rossiter et al Autophagy 2021

2) Cellular quality control

Transcripotme, proteome and lipidome are affected by the stress elicited through the “urban exposome” and resulting macromolecular damage is observed in senescence. In this project we study the adaptive response and repair mechanisms that cutaneous cell types can utilize for controlling the integrity of their macromolecular contents.

3) Cellular communication in Stress, aging and senescence.

In this project we investigate how cells communicate with each other and their microenvironment during skin aging, and characterize how novel SASP (senescence associated secretory phenotype) factors but also modifications of the skin ectracellular matrix ECM affect cell fate in the aging skin.

FWF – International Project: Sebaceous gland integrity in healthy and diseased skin

In this project we investigate together with the group of Daniel Töröcsik (Univ. Debrecen) how impaired function of sebaceous glands affects the pilosebaceous microenvironment, and how (lipid) signaling molecules secreted or presented by damaged sebocytes affect inflammation.

From Rossiter et al Exp Derm 2018