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Selected Publications

  • Mussbacher, M., Schossleitner, K., Kral-Pointner, J.B., Salzmann, M., Schrammel, A., and Schmid, J.A. (2022). More than Just a Monolayer: the Multifaceted Role of Endothelial Cells in the Pathophysiology of Atherosclerosis. Current Atherosclerosis Reports. 10.1007/S11883-022-01023-9.
  • Holzner, S., Bromberger, S., Wenzina, J., Neumüller, K., Holper, T.M., Petzelbauer, P., Bauer, W., Weber, B., and Schossleitner, K. (2021). Phosphorylated cingulin localises GEF-H1 at tight junctions to protect vascular barriers in blood endothelial cells. Journal of cell science 134. 10.1242/jcs.258557.
  • Zhuravleva, K., Goertz, O., Wölkart, G., Guillemot, L., Petzelbauer, P., Lehnhardt, M., Schmidt, K., Citi, S., and Schossleitner, K. (2020). The tight junction protein cingulin regulates the vascular response to burn injury in a mouse model. Microvascular Research 132, 104067. 10.1016/j.mvr.2020.104067.
  • Schossleitner, K., O’Mahony, C., Brandstätter, S., Haslinger, M.J.M.J., Demuth, S., Fechtig, D., and Petzelbauer, P. (2019). Differences in biocompatibility of microneedles from cyclic olefin polymers with human endothelial and epithelial skin cells. Journal of Biomedical Materials Research - Part A 107, 505–512. 10.1002/jbm.a.36565.
  • Schossleitner, K., Rauscher, S., Gröger, M., Friedl, H.P., Finsterwalder, R., Habertheuer, A., Sibilia, M., Brostjan, C., Födinger, D., Citi, S., et al. (2016). Evidence That Cingulin Regulates Endothelial Barrier Function in Vitro and in Vivo. Arteriosclerosis, Thrombosis, and Vascular Biology 36, 647–654. 10.1161/ATVBAHA.115.307032.
  • Schossleitner, K., Habertheuer, A., Finsterwalder, R., Friedl, H.P., Rauscher, S., Gröger, M., Kocher, A., Wagner, C., Wagner, S.N., Fischer, G., et al. (2015). A Peptide to Reduce Pulmonary Edema in a Rat Model of Lung Transplantation. Plos One 10, e0142115. 10.1371/journal.pone.0142115.