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Deciphering macrophage ontogeny

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Deciphering macrophage ontogeny in health and disease


We have recently identified a novel macrophage progenitor within the adult bone marrow distinct from the monocytic lineage. This progenitor (referred to as Erythromyeloid Progenitor (EMPROR)) gives rise to both erythroid and myeloid lineages during inflammation including perivascular macrophages within tumors. Additionally, a similar progenitor population was identified during embryonic development independent of the classical EMPs.

  • Shweta Tikoo, Rohit Jain, Brendon Martinez, Renhua Song, Matthias Wielscher, Simone Rizzetto, Lisa E Shaw, Andrew J Mitchell, Maria Elizabeth Torres-Pacheco, Fabio Luciani, Matthias Farlik, Justin JL Wong, Steffen Jung, Stuart T Fraser, Wolfgang Weninger. A distinct CD115- erythro-myeloid precursor present at the maternal-embryonic interface and in the bone marrow of adult mice. bioRxiv 2021

People involved in the projects: Shweta Tikoo, Rohit Jain, Lisa Shaw, Minoo Schuch-Ghannadan, Matthias Wielscher